Oct 22 09 12:54 PM

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We just got the word that a 4th case has now been filed in the Superior Court of the District of Columbia...

This one concerns the IRS dba corporation !

The docket listing may not be up for another couple of days but when it does you can follow the docket entries by searching for David-Lee; Buess - Case No. 2009 CA 007868 B !
The "Lee" may actually be "Leigh" but try both names. Paperwork to view will be available
soon. Unfortunately, the court is not part of the PACER system !

And, remember the Superior Court of the District of Columbia may finally be the correct
court in which to pursue the IRS in "tax court" !  The other Federal "tax courts" that have been
previously used have been courts that "they" want us to use for some obvious reasons...
they favor the government, but this case in this court names the agency and its defendants
in their "corporate" capacities and the "20 day rule" applies for defaults !

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The cases so far:

#1 DALE, RODNEY Vs. UNITED STATES, Case # 2009 CA 005391 B
Initial Scheduling Conference-60 Date: 11/06/2009 Time: 9:30 am
Judge: HOLEMAN, BRIAN F Location: Courtroom A-49
We're still waiting for the judge's decision on Rod's Motion for Default...expected before
Nov. 3.

#2 MANN, DONALD C Vs. UNITED STATES Case # 2009 CA 005865 B
Initial Scheduling Conference-60 Date: 11/20/2009 Time: 9:00 am
Judge: COMBS GREENE, NATALIA Location: Courtroom 217

#3 Still, not for publication...perhaps soon ?

#4 David-Lee; Buess - Case # 2009 CA 007868 B ...not sure how the defendants were captioned !
    Case may be captioned BUESS, DAVID L Vs. ... we'll fill this in soon !

New websites from team members for study, updates, etc...

http://privateattorneygeneral.ning.com/events/dale-v-united-states-dba  Mac's board

http://aibradio.proboards.com/   AutumnBriar's board

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from the outcomes of these cases !  Keep it going !