May 16 13 3:18 PM

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hi everyone;

i just discovered that randall stephenson is one of the directors of the boy scouts of america who is advocating that the organization change its' long-standing and good policy of prohibiting open homosexuality among its' members and scoutmasters.

he is also chief executive officer of at&t.

i found out his e-mail which is :


please contact him and let him know that you strongly oppose his position and want him to rescind it immediately.

here is my e-mail that i sent him today:

dear mr. stephenson,
i have become aware that you are promoting a change to the long-standing and well-serving policy of the boy scouts of america with regard to homosexualty.
how can you support a change that will accept into the ranks of the scouts, that any person with a modicum of common sense and a functioning conscience can see is detrimental.  it is abhorrent!
if you accomplish this change, you can rest assured that thousands of parents will remove their children from the organization.  check out what happened in canada after a similar change.
you may receive donations from large corporations and wealthy people, but you will receive much less from rank and file americans.  more importantly, you will be betraying the values that you teach to the youngsters that are members of the scouts.
i am an at&t shareholder and if you continue supporting this change, i will sell my shares and advise other to do the same and any resulting plunge in the stock will be attributed to you.
please, for God's sake and yours, and the scouts in your care change your position.
thank you.

'It does not require a majority to prevail, but rather an irate, tireless minority, keen to set brush fires in people's minds.'
Samuel Adams