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happy birthday bottdog from all the ghostfighters

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Apr 12 13 1:52 AM

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 photo _xZhUNFOs0mGFW5h78tu9w2_zps6bae9577.jpg

 photo x3iv74_zps1e3894f7.jpg

how ya likey your toast ?  photo happy-smiley58_zps4c995e17.gif  

 photo a_aaa-drink_zpsf946ccc7.gif 

Happy Birthday bott  i hope  your day is wonderful and you get everything  ya want, love your friend ghostwhisper  photo bliss_zps789f2783.gif

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#3 [url]

Apr 12 13 5:38 PM

it's your special day bott...soooooooo
you should have some...
happy birthday cake photo: HAPPY BIRTHDAY  AQEEL BIrthday-cake-with-Candles_zps7dfe34ed.png
and some....
happy birthday flowers photo:  flowers2.jpg

and some...
happy birthday wine photo: happy birthday blank_wine_n_candlelightlg_vi.jpg
in no way am i sending you any...
happy birthday bott!!
let's get the PA and MA states to return to their former principles for the good of our country!

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#6 [url]

Apr 12 13 7:23 PM

Thanks, Dash!  Kinda takes me back to, you know...that "other place" where you were strongly advising me to change my name, LOL!  Great stories we have between us. 

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